One thing is for sure: Christian von Koenigsegg knows customer service.

After he delivered some of the fastest cars the planet has ever seen—see the ferocious Agera R and the CCX—several of his customers came asking for more of everything. Or almost everything. After all, nobody is looking for a deliberately heavier supercar.

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The feedback sent the Swedish company's engineers back to the drawing board, and the result was the stunning One:1, a car with more power and downforce than any previous Koenigsegg. During development, the team also saw that a perfect kilogram and horsepower balance was within striking distance, so they nailed it. Almost.

In the video above, von Koenigsegg admits the car's curb weight is actually a few kilos under the car's official power rating of 1,360 metric horsepower—1,341 hp for American readers.

Given that the Nürburgring currently bans automakers from record attempts, and even tracks like Spa have noise restrictions which prevent the One:1 from going full afterburner, you have to—almost—feel bad for him. This car was built to smash records, and while it does have Suzuka, for now it seems the One:1 can only compete against itself.

Here's hoping the Nürburgring changes its policy soon. Stay tuned.


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