The Koenigsegg Agera R is the stuff supercar dreams are made of. Sure, it has the now-required carbon fiber monocoque and inboard dampers activated via pushrods, but it also has something few other supercars can claim: an output of 1,160 horsepower.

We’ll admit that’s for the 2013 Agera R only, since earlier models made a more pedestrian 1,115 horsepower. Given the Agera R’s flyweight mass, even that modest output is enough to generate some seriously impressive acceleration.

Last September, Koenigsegg claimed that the Agera R had set six new production car speed records, including 0-200 mph (17.68 seconds), 200-0 mph (7.28 seconds) and 0-200-0 mph (24.96 seconds). While Guinness has yet to verify the claim, we see no reason to doubt the seemingly-valid data.

Granted, the Bugatti Veyron is still quicker from 0-60 mph and has a higher top speed (in unregulated Super Sport guise, anyway), but the Agera R beats the Veyron in the sprint from 0-300 km/h (186 mph) by over two seconds. That’s good enough for us to call it a draw between the two supercar superpowers.

In case you want more proof that the Agera R is mind-alteringly quick, how about the 401.6 km/h (249.5 mph) flyby seen here, filmed from the Nürburgring pit lane access at Döttinger Höhe?

The video was captured at the end of a 2.2-mile long straight, before the cars brake hard for the bridge at Tiergarten. While we’re impressed by the car’s speed, we’re equally impressed at the videographer’s intestinal fortitude. Standing exposed at trackside, as cars pass you at speeds north of 200 mph, takes a special kind of crazy.


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