It's hardly a secret we live in an extremely divisive era.

So when issues which generate universal human agreement arise, it's wonderful. We're speaking of course, about the withering reception to Pixels. Mashable called the film, "terrible and tone deaf," The Verge simply said "Adam Sandler must be stopped," and Uproxx, most beautifully, called it "a fart-by-numbers sh*t painting."

But all the togetherness made us a little misty for some controversy. The forums, of course, delivered happily. Enjoy.

  • After gaining ownership of a derelict Ferrari 308 GT4, a crafty member of LS1Tech went the obvious direction, ditching the puny Italian lump for a twin-turbo LS1 V-8. How about a '70s Prancing Horse with 600 horsepower?
  • Porsche fans, particularly the RennList crowd, can be sticklers for originality. And while this 993 build's camouflage paint didn't ruffle too many feathers, there were some folks who didn't like the idea of it running turbocharged VW power.
  • Few cars are as associated with Hoosier drag radials as the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. Yes, we're kidding. But while the pairing might sound as attractive as toothpaste and orange juice, these pictures from MBWorld are wicked.
  • The extreme off-road junkies of JKForum generally dismiss Range Rovers as mall-rated, trophy-wife transport. That said, even though it gives Jeep a distinctly British vibe, builder Jeff Scherb's Safari Cab went over like free beer.      

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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