The Tacoma has long been a beloved small truck amongst those who put the pickup to work. Now that doesn't have to be just work in the 9-to-5 sense, of course. Tacoma owners seem to relish opportunities to get their trucks covered in dirt. That means adventure. That means fun. And that means Tacoma owners might also be the type who own a GoPro or two. To aid the adventure lovers in their quest to capture their action, the 2016 Tacoma will come standard with a GoPro mount location right on the front glass.

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Now, Toyota won't actually be supplying the camera with the purchase of a new truck. Additionally, we don't think a fairly inexpensive mount isn't going to sway purchasing decisions. Still, it's a fun addition to a truck that those who purchase will no doubt put to good use.

One question we have though is what happens in states where it's illegal to mount stuff to the windshield. In California, for example, you're not supposed to stick stuff on that front bit of glass. This goes with aftermarket nav systems, radar detectors, and pretty much anything else. It's not a heavily enforced law, mind you, but it's one that is still on the books.

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Regardless, we look forward to a few more videos uploaded to YouTube filled with off-road shenanigans. If the viewpoint is just to the right of the rear-view mirror, you know the truck is probably a 2016 Tacoma.


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