There's an update to the Vacation series of films on the way. In the new movie, we follow Rusty Griswold as he treks to Wally World just like he did with his dad Clark in 1983. Ahead of that new film's launch later this month, Infiniti has jumped on the hype with a new spot of its own, and it touches on a classic scene from the original film. A man and his family are driving their QX60 to Wally World, when a pretty blonde in an exotic Italian convertible pulls alongside for a few minutes before disappearing into the horizon.

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In the original film, the car was a Ferrari 308 GTS and the driver was a then-gorgeous Christie Brinkley. This time around, it's an unknown driver and the car is a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Rather interestingly though, the man driving the QX60? That's Ethan Embry who played the Vegas Vacation version of Rusty. Far more interesting, however, is the fact that Embry's wife in the Infiniti is portrayed by the still-gorgeous Christie Brinkley.

It's a well done spot nearly all around. Still, we wonder why Infiniti couldn't have used a Q60 Convertible and kept this commercial in the family. Yes, it won't have the punch of an exotic machine but it could still get the point across rather nicely.

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Either way, we're automatically inclined to smile any time we hear Holiday Road.


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