An Audi dealership in the U.K. was the unfortunate scene of a floor collapse that caused 20 cars to crash through the floor and into the shop area below.  The showroom floor started to collapse Monday afternoon but luckily everyone was able evacuate without injury.

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Looking at the picture above, the inside of the shop looks like something from a disaster movie with cars and rubble piled together.  One of the first responders Ian Wilson told the BBC, “People working within a workshop heard a loud bang and promptly hit the fire alarm call point, which was quick thinking on their part”.  He states that it took less than 20 minutes for the floor to collapse but everyone was able to get out in time.

The collapse and subsequent damage are being investigated by Jardine Motors Group which is the owner of the dealership.  The facility has been closed for now and the owner has released the following statement, “We have enacted our Business Continuity Plan, including the support of the Audi dealership team, to ensure that we can provide a suitable service level to all customers as soon as possible. All customers directly affected by this incident will be contacted in person.”

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The damaged shop is located in Milton Keynes and is covered by the Buckinghamshire fire department who responded to the scene.  The town is a popular spot for automakers and racing teams alike hosting the office of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Honda Formula One efforts as well as the British head offices of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

Written by Bozi Tatarevic.


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