Ford Motor Company’s [NYSE:F] latest halo car will utilize loads of carbon fiber bits, but with its $400k price tag and 250-car annual production cap, the spectacular GT will be the polar opposite of cheap and high-volume. 

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As we've seen with the new aluminum F-150, however, the Blue Oval has no intention of making lightweight tech available only at the stratospheric end of its product line. Early this year, the company announced a partnership with carbon fiber concern DowAksa, and late last week, the deal became official.

The goal is to combine DowAksa’s feedstock capacity, carbon fiber conversion and downstream intermediates production capabilities with Ford's expertise in design, engineering and high-volume manufacturing. This cooperation between the industry giants should significantly speed the implementation of carbon fiber components across the Ford family, which is good news for enthusiasts.

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Because while ever-increasing emissions requirements insure every automotive advancement is spun with an eye toward efficiency, you hardly have to be Nostradamus to foresee the performance applications in the pipe. Just think of what the wizards behind the 2016 Focus RS or latest-gen Mustang will be able to accomplish if the bean counters give them the green light to put their babies on a diet?

Where we'll first see the fruits of the DowAksa deal remains to be seen. Stay tuned.


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