Tired of looking on at the Porsche Panamera with envy, Mercedes-AMG reportedly wants a performance sedan of its own. Of course, Mercedes-AMG already offers a full range of performance sedans based on models from Mercedes-Benz, but if the Affalterbach-based outfit hopes to transition from tuner to standalone sports car manufacturer it’s going to need more products of its own. And as Porsche has discovered, more mainstream models like sedans and, dare we say it, SUVs are key to building up volumes, especially in key markets such as China.

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That’s why Mercedes-AMG is reportedly working on a new sedan, which AutoBild reports will borrow styling and even its name—GT4—from the current GT sports car. The car is said to be more of a sleek four-door, four-seat sports car than your typical sedan, helping to differentiate it from Mercedes’ own Panamera rival, the CLS, the next generation of which is said to form the basis of the new GT4. Also helping to differentiate the GT4 from Mercedes’ other offerings would be unique styling—inside and out.

Sharing a platform with the next CLS would mean forgoing the front engine, rear transaxle layout of the GT sports car, so to ensure an almost ideal weight balance the engineers are said to be moving the engine of the GT4 as far back as possible, resulting in a front mid-ship layout. Using the CLS platform would also mean ruling out the use of an aluminum spaceframe structure, as found in the GT sports car.

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Power would come from Mercedes-AMG’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, with drive most likely sent to the rear wheels only. Expect multiple power outputs, with the most extreme delivering around 600 horsepower. Other components like the suspension, steering and brakes would all be shared with the next CLS.

So when might we see the new GT4? With the new CLS due to go on sale in calendar year 2018, AutoBild suggests we may see the GT4 a year later.


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