If you think Paul Newman was just a wonderful actor and Academy Award winner, you should think again. The man was also a passionate race car driver, and it's that side of his life that Adam Carolla has decided to focus on in his new film. It's called Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, and the first trailer has finally arrived. Spoiler alert: the film looks fantastic.

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Newman first took an interest in motorsports back in 1969. He had filmed a movie called Winning, which required driver training. This was where the passion took root, and it spread quickly as Newman entered his first professional race in 1972. It becomes clear quite quickly while watching the trailer that Newman soon considered racing to be his prime passion while acting became secondary. There's a slew of archival footage mixed with modern interviews from those that knew the man, and also know about cars, motorsports, and jumping into the hot seat.

Carolla is the perfect person to bring this project to life. He's an actor and comedian who also happens to love automobiles. Additionally, he's a massive Newman fan as well as a fan of the classic racing Datsun and Nissan products that Paul Newman used to race.

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The official release date for the film is May 22nd of this year. Our calendars are marked, and yours should be as well. 


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