BMW recently unveiled a new water-injection system that’s said to result in both efficiency gains and more power by improving engine combustion. The technology, popular in the aftermarket world, is being demonstrated in BMW’s M4 safety car used in MotoGP but is also destined for the world of production, according to a new report.

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Car and Driver, citing a BMW insider, is reporting that the water-injection system will first appear on a hardcore version of the M4 that is likely to revive the GTS badge last used on the previous-generation M3 Coupe. The M3 GTS was essentially a lighter and more powerful version of the M3 designed for track use, though sadly we never saw it in the U.S.

That may change this time around as the alleged M4 GTS is expected to appear—in concept form—during August’s 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. A production version was previously reported to be debuting in 2016, as part of BMW’s centenary activities taking place that same year.

The water-injection system creates a fine mist that is sprayed into the charged air about to enter the engine. As you'd imagine, this air is already quite hot before it enters the heart of your car. Adding the water helps cool it down and makes for more efficient combustion. The downside is the added weight and inconvenience of a new water tank, which BMW predicts will need to be topped off every five fuel stops. We’re sure the engine will still be able to run should you happen to run out of water or simply forget to fill this second tank.

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Prototypes for what’s likely to be the new M4 GTS have already been spotted. Hopefully we’ll have more details on the car soon.


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