Remember when Mercedes-Benz unveiled the monstrous G63 AMG 6x6? At the time, the automaker stated that two had been built, and a few more could be produced pending customer demand. Well, it turns out that demand was pretty strong for a six-wheeled-vehicle that cost over $400,000. Over 100 examples were produced, and that run has just come to an end.

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According to GT Spirit, Mercedes is done building the world-wanderer-capable luxury off-roader. We're sure that a number of them will most likely stick with their original owners but it will be quite interesting to see what a few of them fetch on the secondary market as they change hands. Will one wind up crossing an auction block somewhere? Could an example wind up on eBay at some point? We don't know but we're eager to find out.

In the meantime, we can look forward to the next evolution of the iconic G-Class. Mercedes-Benz is expected to unveil its G550 4x42 at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. This new model looks to be a bit more formidable than your standard G-Class, thanks to its beefier tires and raised suspension setup. Seeing as the G-Class is already exceptionally capable off of the road, it will be quite interesting to see what a more hard core version can do.

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