Remember that story about a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that wound up with a blown engine at just 891 miles? That car is back in action, and the owner recently put it to work at Road Atlanta. Thanks to his Performance Data Recorder, we can watch the action unfold.

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The owner worked with GM and his local dealership to get a new engine installed, according to Corvette Forum. It happened quickly enough that the driver could put the required break-in miles on the new unit ahead of an upcoming track day he planned on attending.

How did the car fare? Well, according to the owner, it's a faster machine than the Dodge Viper--which he also owns. In the Viper, the limits can be found after a few laps but it seems that the harder he pressed the Z06 the better it performed. Braking zones could be made shorter, corner speeds higher, and lap times made lower.

It's a happy ending for this Z06 owner who got off to a rocky start with his new toy. Good for GM for working so quickly to get this sorted, and we appreciate the owner keeping the world posted on his experience. I'm sure we'll hear more about this car as the owner gets more used to what it can do, and takes it to even more track events. 

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