Lincoln will be the first automaker to feature Revel’s new automotive speakers when it launches its all-new MKX crossover next fall. Revel is the premium audio brand of tech giant Harman International and is recognized worldwide for its high-end home audio products. Now it’s expanding into the world of autos.

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Lincoln has entered a 10-year partnership with Revel, which will offer two grades of audio systems for the American luxury brand’s next-generation vehicles: Revel and Revel Ultima. They are expected to be offered as an option over the existing THX systems Lincoln uses.

When it comes to in-car audio, placement, tuning, calibration and the number of speakers are crucial to accurately reproducing sounds, which is why Revel’s engineers worked closely with their counterparts at Lincoln to develop the individual systems.

All Revel speakers are designed with the tweeter and midrange speakers positioned close together, known as point-source architecture. This design is crucial to delivering the pure sounds Revel is renowned for, and the systems developed for Lincoln maintain this.

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Revel’s audio systems also come with unique surround-sound technology and three different modes to choose from: Traditional Stereo, Audience and On Stage. Buyers opting for the range-topping Revel Ultima grade will have another technology called Clari-Fi, which works in real-time to rebuild audio details lost in digitally compressed music.

Lincoln’s new MKX arriving next fall, as a 2016 model, will be the first model to offer the Revel audio systems. The vehicle was previewed earlier this year in concept form and should be revealed in production trim in the coming months.


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