The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of those items marked on the car-lover calendar that remains a must attend event. It all goes down in late June or early July of each year on the grounds of Goodwood House in the south of England, and it features a mixture of the greatest cars and greatest drivers on the planet. All of them are working together to show off a combination of speed, power, driving skill, and a general love of all things automotive.

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In 2015, the excitement could be brought up a notch because the theme has been revealed to be Flat Out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge. If this theme doesn't conjure up imagery of high-performance machinery doing lighting-fast passes up the lawn of Goodwood's Lord March, then you need to re-think things. We expect to see all manner of road and race car being pushed as hard as possible. This means lots of visual delights but also tremendous amounts of glorious noise.

If your travel plans call for a trek to the U.K. sometime next summer, make sure you clear out June 25 through 28. This could be your automotive enthusiast nirvana moment. 

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