Despite Ferrari’s best attempts to vet buyers of its LaFerrari so that the car only ends up in the hands of its most loyal customers, as opposed to speculators out to make a quick buck, a handful have appeared on the used car market just months after deliveries commenced. This red example is the third car that we know of to go up for sale.

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It’s sitting at a dealership in Germany which also looks to have a McLaren P1 and Bugatti Veyron on its lot, and according to the information on classifieds site the dealer also has the Holy Grail of Ferraris, a 250 GTO, as well as a Ferrari F40 and McLaren F1 all up for sale.

Getting back to the LaFerrari, the car has just 100 kilometers on its odometer and can be yours for 2,606,100 euros (approximately $3.3 million) with taxes. That’s about the going rate on used LaFerraris as a black example was recently listed in Dubai for about $3.4 million and a previous red example had an asking price of $3.24 million. Ferrari hasn’t revealed the exact price of a LaFerrari but these figures are believed to be around double the factory figure.

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Given the fact that only 499 will ever be built, and the extreme lengths some buyers have gone to achieve one, we have the feeling the seller will have no problem offloading their LaFerrari. Hopefully it's next owner will drive it a bit more.


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