So, this is a thing. It’s a dating club for supercar owners “who would like to share their passion for high octane experiences with Fine Living Companions.”


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Better yet, the site brands itself $upercarDating, and calls the members who own the supercars “$upercar Dates.” The site's motto? "Test Drive Your Date."

Even better still, membership is free for those seeking to become Fine Living Companions (hereafter referred to as FLCs).

The site allows the FLCs to search for their desired match by gender, age, location, and, of course, supercar.

While the site is just getting off the ground, and is only open to registration by UK and EU residents at present, the company’s stated vision is to become “The Ultimate Online & Mobile Application Dating Site for Supercar/High performance car owners and Fine Living Companions worldwide by year 2020.”

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There’s even a way for members to share “fine living experiences” through the “Corsa” section of the site.

For those owning supercars and seeking FLCs of their own, membership is free until January 31, 2015, and £220 (about $357) per year thereafter.

Is this a great idea to help put regular folks in touch with those who share a passion for supercars, with the possibility of romance along the way? Or is this the most cynical, depressing, vain thing since Tinder?

We’ll leave that up to you.


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