The Tesla Model S is already—and still—a head-turner in its own right. It’s a stunning take on the sedan form factor, and it’s still the only viable fully electric car available in the U.S. But LumiLor takes it to the next level.

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This crazy rolling light show is the result of some extensive use of LumiLor’s exterior lighting technology.

So what the heck is LumiLor? It’s a patented electroluminescent coating that can be controlled via electronics to display in different patterns. LumiLor was developed by Darkside Scientific.

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It’s still a relatively new product, but LumiLor can be had in a wide range of colors, including green, blue, aqua, orange, white and red base phosphor colors, with a top coating enabling any color of the rainbow. Thus far, LumiLor has been used for motorcycles, helmets, and other situations where nighttime high-visibility is desired.

As this Tesla Model S demonstrates, however, its potential is nearly limitless.