The last variant from Ford’s updated Falcon range being introduced in Australia next year has been revealed. The variant is the 2015 Ford Falcon Ute, and it’s been revealed in its XR6 performance guise.

The car-based utility joins the regular Falcon and Territory in Ford’s ‘FG X’ range of rear-wheel-drive sedans, SUVs and utes, which will see production through to the end of 2016 when Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] finally winds up its Australian production.

Like the sedan, the new Falcon Ute comes with a locally-developed 4.0-liter inline six as standard. The engine develops just over 260 horsepower and can be paired with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. Leaf-spring suspension is used at the rear to help with any heavy loads.

Those seeking more performance will be able to opt for the Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute, which features a turbocharged version of the 4.0-liter mill found in the base model. This one is rated at 362 horsepower and features a host of additional performance upgrades.

Interestingly, the original ute is widely attributed to Ford’s Aussie division. As the story goes, the manager at the time, Hubert French, received a letter in 1933 from a farmer’s wife seeking a vehicle comfy enough for she and her husband to go to church on Sunday but which could also be used to transport livestock to market on Monday. The next year, Ford designer Lew Bandt came up with his design for the 1934 coupe utility, the first ute. Eighty years on, Ford Australia is revealing its last ute.

Note, the last ute built in Australia will be a Holden Commodore-based ute, as Holden’s production Down Under will last one year longer than Ford’s before it too is finally wound up.


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