In a bid to ensure future exclusivity, Maserati will limit its future output to no more than 75,000 cars per year.

Or so says managing director for general overseas markets Umberto Maria Cini, reports Reuters.

While the idea of enforcing a low volume total to protect the brand’s value and image makes good sense—even if it seems a bit gauche to announce it—the 75,000 vehicle per year target actually represents a 50 percent increase from next year’s target of 50,000 vehicles—itself an increase over 2014’s figures.

With cars like the Ghibli and revamped Quattroporte rolling out of the brand’s factories—and a stunning replacement for the GranTurismo family on the way in the form of the Alfieri—that 50 percent rise by 2018 seems like a reasonable target.

Whether Maserati will desire to remain exclusive at the expense of further sales volume, however, seems perhaps somewhat less likely. However, a similar strategy is certainly working out well for Ferrari.