There are certain names in motorsports that elicit the same response when uttered in like-minded company. The name Senna evokes wistful thoughts of what could've been, mixed with smirking smiles of what we all got to witness. McRae will make you laugh and smile even wider. Say the name Moss, however, and you're sure to wind up with a stoic visage and knowing glances that you're speaking about one of the greatest drivers ever to grab a shift lever.

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Sir Stirling Moss is often called the greatest driver to never win a championship. While that may be true, Moss wasn't allergic to the top spot of the podium and has many wins to his name. Additionally, he managed to earn those wins across a massive range of courses and cars.

In the video above, we see Sir Stirling piloting a 1959 Cooper T51. This is a race car that helped usher in an age of rear-engined machines, and now Moss is using it to explain the way in which a proper driver would handle Donington Park race track. The insight is invaluable, and it's also quite remarkable to hear how calm and collected Moss is while running the car harder and harder.

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Sure, some of the basic racing line tidbits at the beginning are known items to the average enthusiast. Moss, however, keeps building upon what he's sharing, and the video culminates in him reflecting a bit on his own age and fading skill set... which hasn't really faded at all.


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