A Houston doctor recently returned to his house to find a Ford F-150 backing out of the driveway and taking off. Suspecting burglary—several other homes in the affluent Houston neighborhood had been robbed—the doctor urged his daughter at the wheel to give chase. She did. The rest is captured on video.

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The ensuing chase doesn’t appear to have reached high-speed territory, but it did involve some Hollywood-style bashing and crashing before ending in a dramatic head-on that put the suspected burglars’ truck in the ditch, reports KHOU 11. Police arrived on-scene shortly thereafter and managed to arrest two of the three alleged burglars.

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Naturally, the Houston police aren’t fond of citizens taking such vigilante actions, but in this case, it appears to have turned out mostly for the good—the daughter suffered minor whiplash, while the father was unhurt. Their Audi, however, can’t say the same.