The best weekend of racing this year is just behind us, and while most of us only had hangovers or lots of nacho-cheese-fueled regret to show for it, Lotus F1 driver Pastor Maldonado drove off in a brand-new Evora S. Lucky guy.

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Maldonado is especially lucky to get the new car (a part of his deal as a “brand ambassador” for Lotus) considering the lead sentence in the official announcement:

“Despite a disappointing race weekend, Lotus F1 Team driver Pastor Maldonado takes the Lotus prize with a brand new Lotus Evora S.”

A disappointing race weekend in Monaco to complement a disappointing career thus far. Despite moments of pace, Maldonado is famous not for putting his car high up the grid, but for punting himself and others off it—with seemingly no good reason.

Crash-prone Maldonado didn’t get the chance to shunt his F1 ride last weekend, however, as his car was retired with a faulty fuel pump before the start. Perhaps a crafty engineer decided to save his team some effort.

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It’s only a matter of time before he gets a running car again, and therefore before he sends his car spearing through any number of competitors. In the meantime, however, Maldonado (presumably) will be driving his shiny new Evora S around Europe’s roads.

Europe: You’ve been warned.

Keep Calm and avoid Maldonado

Keep Calm and avoid Maldonado