Mercedes-Benz has launched a new service for its well-heeled customers that may just change what’s considered luxury in the world of autos. Mercedes-Benz already has dealerships based near major airports, where customers about to fly can leave their cars and then be transported to the airport and thus avoid the hassle of the public parking stations. Now the automaker is introducing a new level of luxury and convenience that redefines the service.

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Starting at its dealership near the international airport in Melbourne, Australia, Mercedes-Benz’s existing airport transfer service, called Airport Express, is teaming up with a helicopter ride company called Air Melbourne. Their new joint service, called Mercedes-Benz Heli-Express, will allow customers to travel from the airport direct to Melbourne’s central business district by helicopter in just four minutes. The helipad is located at the dealership itself.

Mercedes-Benz Heli-Express

Mercedes-Benz Heli-Express

The cost of a one-way trip is 274 Aussie dollars, which works out to be about $254 at current exchange rates. The service operates from sunrise to sunset, and soon the service will also be offered for additional airports in Melbourne: Moorabbin Airport and Lilydale Airport. The helicopters used are twin-engined aircraft from Italy’s Augusta.

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“Mercedes-Benz Airport Express already offers our customers the ability to have their vehicle serviced whilst they travel and to take the hassle out of traffic and parking with our valet service to the terminal,” Mercedes-Benz Australia boss Horst von Sanden said in a statement. “Our facility at Mercedes-Benz Airport Express has proven itself with strong demand from customers and we have added the Heli-Express service to add another dimension of convenience especially for time poor customers.


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