When an automaker is trying to figure out which driver it should invite to test out one of its new cars, certain pro wheelers rank higher than others. If the car is the 2015 Subaru WRX STI, it makes sense to find someone familiar with that style of car.

That's why Subaru of Canada invited Tommi Mäkinen out to sample the latest bewinged beast from the Pleiades cluster.

The track is Buttonwillow Raceway in California. The man behind the wheel is a four-time World Rally Championship winner. Those four titles? They came back to back to back to back between 1996 and 1999. You could say Mäkinen might know what he's doing here, but that's what we refer to as a massive understatement.

His thoughts on the car are best punctuated by a shot of smoking brakes as the camera pans up to Tommi giving a simple thumbs up. That's one of the best ways to visualize the 2015 WRX STI, and the only way that track would be more fun is if they let Mäkinen cut across some of the dirt stretches.


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