If you've ever doubted the might of a highly tuned diesel pickup, let this video put that to rest, even as it plants the seeds of a nightmare in your mind. Rolling coal and accelerating like a supercar, this diesel Dodge slams into a barrier and does a barrel roll that will stay with you.

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Fortunately, thanks to modern safety gear, the driver walked away from this crash. The track, however, wasn't so lucky. Two barriers were heavily damaged, and a light pole was completely taken out by the behemoth drag missile.

The second look at the crash, in slow motion, shows the truck breaking traction around the midpoint of the 1/8-mile run before fishtailing into the left-hand barrier, ricocheting off and slamming through the right-hand barrier and into the grass--and right over the light pole.

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Despite the zig-zag run, the truck still managed to cross through the lights (sideways) at 91 mph. Nice run, buddy, but next time, try to keep it pointed north-south a bit more.