We all hope that we'll be able to translate our talents into paying jobs, even if they are a little unusual. Paul, the subject of this video never thought his talent--building unbelievably intricate models of Formula One cars from paper--would lead to a job with an actual F1 team.

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Building a plastic model kit is one thing, but ripping apart cereal boxes and making the results look like aluminum and carbon fiber is another. Paul's model of the Red Bull RB7 has around 6,500 parts, including a fully-detailed engine, suspension, and cockpit. You'd be hard pressed to tell any of it was made from paper.

In fact, the models were so good they didn't just impress the denizens of the Internet, but also the top brass at Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Paul was offered a job in the team's engineering department, where he's worked on the 2014 RB10 car.

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While Paul has traded paper and scissors for carbon fiber and modeling software, he views both as two facets of the same pursuit: designing objects in two dimensions, and making them in three dimensions.

"It's basically my hobby," Paul said of his job at Red Bull. Talk about doing what you love.


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