Remember Aston Martin's online 'True Power' video series promoting the Rapide luxury sedan? The moment you cringed as one of the protagonists described himself, among other qualities, as a "keen harpist"? Unfortunately, so do we--but luckily, the brand's latest video, exploring the DB9, is much easier to watch.

You'd be forgiven for forgetting the DB9 even existed. It's now among the oldest models in Aston Martin's range, and various updates and spin-offs have since superseded it as Aston Martin's flagship. Despite this, it's still among the best-looking vehicles on the road, and cues found throughout its shape have influenced every other model in the current Aston Martin range. Age hasn't wearied its performance, either--it may not be the fastest GT on the block, but its V-12 engine still sings and its 4.6-second 0-60 dash could hardly be considered slow.

Aston Martin's video series, condensed into one video by popular demand, talks to instrumental Aston Martin personnel such as design director Marek Reichman, and product development director Ian Minardis, exploring the car's shape, performance and emotional importance. There are more than a few gratuitous shots of the DB9's famous spiritual predecessor too--the DB5. But while the two share a family lineage and luxurious message, Reichman is adamant that the DB9's design is a contemporary form--"We don't create retrospective design," he says. Watch the video above and judge for yourself--does the DB9's shape still look as good today as it did at launch?

As for the future of the DB9, we hear the current car is set to undergo yet another update, and will offer the choice of V-8 and V-12 engines for the first time.


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