A lot of people think that aging is, somehow, a bad thing. Sure, it beats the alternative, but the fun drains out of life as the time does, right? As this enthusiastic woman proves, that's not the case--or at least it doesn't have to be.

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Seated in her murdered-out C63 AMG sedan, she removes her helmet and answers some questions about her car, her drag racing history, and her age, which she pins at "60-some-odd years." She then points out her husband's car--a Dodge Viper with a recently broken driveshaft--before hitting the strip herself.

She rolls into the burnout box, gets the rear tires good and hot, and then strolls down the quarter mile, smoking an S14 out of the hole and running an 11.72 ET.

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Your grandma might be cool, but she's not this cool--unless this is your grandma, you lucky bastard.