Imagine the horror: You've bought a Jaguar F-Type, and you're ready to take it for that perfect weekend away. But, thanks to its rather small trunk, none of your cases fit. Your significant other will have to carry it on their knees instead, and that's not the most romantic of beginnings to your weekend.

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Fear not, for like every other luxury automaker on the face of the planet, Jaguar can offer you bespoke luggage for that tiny slot they call a trunk. In a collaboration with French luggage label Moynat, the bespoke case fits perfectly in the luggage bay of the F-Type, its unusual contours hugging the sides of the trunk to ensure it won't be sliding around. Moynat is well used to designing luxury luggage, having started in 1849, 73 years before Jaguar itself existed. The company apparently specializes in designing custom trunks to match the paint finishes and fit the contours of various vehicles.

 “It was a pleasure to collaborate with Jaguar to create this piece," explains Moynat artistic director Ramesh Nair, who worked with Jaguar on this particular piece. "Our brands share a commitment to beautiful design combined with quality and functionality – qualities which are espoused in this bespoke trunk." Constructed from eight layers of hand-formed wood, covered with leather and given a mandarin orange lining, the case is the work of 900 hours of product design to get it to its current state. There's even an electric scooter inside, ready for use in urban areas.

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The bad news is that it's unlikely to be cheap. Luckily, Jaguar does provide its own range of F-Type-specific luggage for more affordable prices. It may lack the heritage, but it'll still placate your significant other...


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