The folks behind Tesla blog Teslarati are excited to talk all things Tesla, as you might imagine. This isn't just a site dedicated to talking up the car, however, as the crew are doing something rather fun with their own Model S. Teslarati have started something called the Tesla Racing Series.

No, it's not a new spec series of whirring luxury sedans, but rather a series of posts that looks at taking the Model S to a variety of driving events. This is something we can definitely get behind.

First up, the Number 48 Model S heads to Buttonwillow where it puts in a number of laps around the 3.1-mile California course. Teslarati breaks down how many laps they undergo, how much battery life that consumes, and where and how they can charge back up. The first session is a ten-lap run, and the Model S covers 33 miles of track while consuming 90 miles of charge. To juice back up, the crew find that the track offers 240v outlets in the RV parking section. Unfortunately, it seems that only some of the outlets work. Still, they're able to fill the car back up with some precious electrons. Additionally, a Tesla SuperCharger is 50 miles away which could be useful on the way home.

So how does the Tesla fare with regards to lap times? The top speed on the main straight was 113 miles per hour, and the best lap time was in the 2:19 range. That puts the Model S towards the upper middle of its run group, with best laps occurring down in the 2:11 range and the slowest folks at 2:33. We have to say, we would like to see the driver undergo a quick driving school to improve a few bad habits. Most notably we can see some pretty poor hand position on the in-car portion of the video. Still, we're not instructors and we're not here to shame anyone. The fact that these folks are tracking their Model S is awesome, and we can't wait to see more from this series.


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