Bugatti will, eventually, build a new supercar. At least, one has been rumored to be in the works, potentially with hybrid technology, though it may not seek to outperform the quad-turbocharged W-16-powered Veyron, at least at the top end. But Bugatti can't build it until it sells the last of the Veyrons.

Though the hardtop version of the Veyron was limited to just 300 units, the open-roofed Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse expanded total Veyron volume by another 150 units--and 40 remain to be sold, reports Bloomberg's Jason Harper.

That means another $85 million in sales. Despite a recent run of special "Legends" cars, customers are no longer chomping at the bit, however, which puts Bugatti in an unusual position: it's having to get out there and hawk its wares, rather than creating carefully curated lists of those allowed the privilege of ownership.

Bugatti is meeting this marketing need with a series of "Dynamic Drive Experience" events that put about 25 potential buyers behind the wheel at each event, held at locations across the country.

Even after the last remaining Veyrons sell--the company says that should happen in about 12 months--the next model won't follow immediately; it will be two or three more years before we see the next Bugatti model.


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