Bugatti is working on a successor for its Veyron supercar, which is due in about two years, only Bugatti isn’t calling it a successor since, according to the brand’s CEO, you cannot succeed the Veyron. That means Bugatti’s new supercar isn't likely to eclipse the Veyron Super Sport’s world record top speed of 267.856 mph.

“There will not be a successor of the Veyron because you cannot succeed the Veyron,” Bugatti CEO Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber revealed to Drive.

Schrieber went on to explain that Bugatti’s next supercar will be very different to the Veyron and completely new.

According to a previous report, the new car is likely to feature hybrid technology and increased use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. This portends to Schrieber’s later comments that the car will “define some very special figures.” Could the new Bugatti supercar set new benchmarks in terms of efficiency rather than outright performance?

As mentioned, it will be about two years until the new car’s arrival. While all 300 Veyron coupes have been built and sold, remaining orders for the open-top Grand Sport variants will take about two years to finish at the Veyron’s one car per week production rate.

Finally, Schrieber also confirmed that Bugatti will not be going forward with plans to build a sedan based on its Galibier concept from 2009. He explained that Bugatti was a one-model brand and that its next one will once again be a supercar.


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