Late in 2013, it was announced that the Initial D manga series was heading into its final chapter. The comic, which features the driving exploits of main character Takumi Fujiwara, would also be turned into an animated series. There were a few rumors that a movie would be produced as well. Now it's actually been confirmed that Initial D: The Movie is set to hit theaters towards the end of August.

This should mark the official end of the road for Fujiwara and his Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno (AKA the good Corolla). It's been 19 years since series creator Shuichi Shigeno built a story that continues to resonate with automotive enthusiasts of all ages. Taking a slow car and making it go fast is an easy story to relate to, and having the main character learn how to handle the car effectively is icing on the cake.

This film should be a Japan-only release, but in this day and age of "everything winds up on the Internet" it shouldn't be long before American fans can get their eyeballs on a copy of the flick. The sushi-driver turned drift master will no doubt wind up taking a few more runs to get folks in love with all things drift, yet again.


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