Three years ago, we brought you the news that spiky-haired bro-chef Guy Fieri's 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo had been stolen from a dealership. The thief had rappelled in, cut the lock, and driven away.

That was known at the time, but what wasn't known was who had stolen the car, or where it was. A year later, in 2012, we reported the car's discovery--in a teen gunman's storage container.

In January, the thief was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder for a drive-by shooting that took place in 2012, and another 21 years and four months for the Lamborghini theft and other crimes. Despite the harsh sentences, Wade will have the possibility of parole.

Now, San Francisco's ABC7 has released surveillance footage of the thief, Max Wade, committing his Mission Impossible Lamborghini heist. In the video, Wade looks cool and collected--professional, even--an impressive performance considering Wade was just 16 years old at the time of the theft.

At one point, he appears to communicate with an accomplice via a throat microphone--again, secret-agent style--indicating he may not have been the mastermind. Whatever the case, Wade is the only person connected to the crime so far.