Guy Fieri may be one of the luckiest people alive--after rising to fame by winning The Next Food Network Star competition--despite zero training as a chef--the frazzle-haired foodie's stolen 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo has been found, apparently unharmed, in a storage container.

Fieri's Gallardo was stolen in May of last year, snagged Mission Impossible-style by catburglars that rappelled into the dealership where it was being held for Fieri.

It gets weird when we learn who owned the shipping container, however: a 17-year old southern California boy who has also been arrested for shooting into a pickup truck with people inside--from the back of a black motorcycle. The people in the truck weren't hit directly, but were injured by flying glass, according to Patch.

Tracking down the shooter and arresting him is what led the police to the storage locker, where they found the Gallardo, plus the teen's black motorcycle.

While the teen will likely be charged with the car theft in addition to the shooting, we're betting it's the latter that will be occupying his time for the near future--and potentially the distant future, as well.

Guy Fieri's custom garage

Guy Fieri's custom garage