Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are two of Formula Drift's favorite slideways slayers. Tuerck has been entertaining folks off of the FD circuit lately with his Network A video series titled Tuerck'd.

Now he and Forsberg are teaming up for a new series that will show drift hopefuls how to build the car of their dreams... on a budget. The show is called Drift Garage, and over the course of its four-part run it promises to show folks how to build a drift car for the not-so-princely sum of $5,000.

More specifically, the duo will showcase what it takes to produce a missile car. This refers to the practice drift beaters that the pros wreak havoc on when they're not ripping about in their far more expensive Formula Drift rocketships. It sounds like Forsberg and Tuerck are going to show viewers everything from sourcing and buying the car and engine all the way up through the process of setting it up and bringing it out to the track.

This is a pretty special show for anyone remotely interested in the world of drifting. These two guys are exceptional at what they do, and it's not often you're given a glimpse into the world and mind of a professional on a subject like this.

The Drift Garage series premieres on January 20th and runs daily though January 23rd. 


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