The folks at were set on giving away one special set of wheels this year. A sweepstakes was setup where the grand prize was a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda.

This is one of the greats when it comes to world of muscle cars. It's got the coke-bottle styling, it's available with bright green paintwork, and packs a wonderfully brutish punch underneath its long hood. That would be the sort of prize to make any car guy or girl smile wide and dream of open roads.

One lucky person by the name of Frank wound up with the keys to the Cuda. The MyClassicGarage team traveled to his home, trucked in the car, and surprised him at his door. What did he do after getting the keys?

A big smoky burnout.

It wasn't just one Mopar machine in attendance either, as a few other big-block beauties were on hand to share the limelight. They were also there to turn more rubber into smoke. Frank is a very lucky man to be able to tuck this 1970 Cuda into his garage. Judging by that burnout, however, we imagine it will get plenty of on-road time and be enjoyed in just the manner in which it was intended.


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