When it comes to vintage Porsches, you really can't go wrong. Even when the vintage Porsche in question is a 914, a car that many purists scoff at.

The 914 may be sacrilege to 911 fans, and it may look a bit homely, but in racing trim it looks just as serious as anything else with a red-and-black badge.

The 914-6 GT was a race-bred version of Porsche's entry-level sports car. Based on the 2.0-liter flat-six-powered 914-6, only a handful were made between 1970 and 1972.

This 1970 model was raced by Ernst Seiler, a Swiss race driver known as "The Hunter." How's that for a cool factor?

The Hunter's bow features the flared "Nurburgring" rear wheel arches, which give the 914 a much more aggressive look. The period-correct wheels add a touch of class, too.

The flat-six is wedged behind the seats, and probably requires the driver to wear ear protection. The unrestricted exhaust screams at 128 decibels, according to the owner.

Sitting on the lawn at the Classics at the Castle car show in England in bright yellow paint, this Porsche looks straight out of the 1970s (especially because of the Instagram-esque filter used to document it).

It may not be as pretty as a 550 Spyder, or as traditional as a 911 Carrera RS, but the 914-6 GT definitely does Zuffenhausen proud.


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