Some things just don't go together. Mustard and chocolate. Camaros and caviar. Aston Martin and minicars. The Toyota iQ-based Cygnet is dead.

Rumors of the Cygnet's death have swirled for a week now, but Autocar confirms the minicar is out of production and won't be revived.

Aston Martin had intended the Cygnet as a hand-crafted, compact city runabout to serve as the counterpart to its high-end, wide, and gas-thirsty supercars the way a tender boat serves a yacht. It looks like that fantasy is over.

Priced from the equivalent of about $48,500, the Cygnet was based on the Toyota iQ, but lightly re-bodied, and heavily re-worked on the inside, with many custom cues from the brand's larger high-performance cars. Aston Martin hasn't released total sales figures on the Cygnet, but it's safe to say that not many owners opted to add the tiny car to their bewinged fleet.

We can't say we're sad to see it go, though Sir Stirling Moss might be.


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