Mercedes-Benz is prepping for a product onslaught over the course of the next few years. The all-new CLA baby Benz is a good case in point, but it's not going to have the spotlight to itself for long. Shown at Frankfurt, the GLA is going to be hot on its heels with a launch date set for sometime in the later half of 2014. Eager to start hyping up its future cute ute, Mercedes-Benz has starting running a few online ad spots to show off the newest member of the family.

This spot, which was created for the French arm of Mercedes-Benz, aims to provide a glimpse into the spiritual creation of the GLA. It's a vehicle with sporting pretenses and the ad agency who created the spot wants to highlight that fact. Be it boxers punching out lines, a freestyle BMX rider missing the landing on a backflip, or even a couple caught in the rain while engaging in a more intimate type of sporting activity.

Hopefully all of that sportiness actually makes it into the production GLA. Regardless, it should prove to be a stylish machine with a spunky four-cylinder turbocharged engine under its hood. We're going to guess that backseat legroom will be mediocre, the interior will be up to standard Benz spec, and the driving dynamics will be focused on a quiet ride that won't get out of sorts if the road twists ever so slightly.

Our real hope, however, is that the GLA250 is also offered with the new four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that's found in the GLK, the E-Class, and the Sprinter. It's got gobs of torque and it only sips the fuel, never slurps it down.


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