While it might be the most expensive Jaguar F-Type ever, this deal from Surface Developments also includes a shiny designer home on Melrose.

That's Melrose Avenue in Ottawa, Canada, not the Melrose Place in California (or your sweat-soaked college flashbacks).

The house itself is stunning, a perfect match for the design-first Jaguar F-Type. There's even a close match between the F-Type's curb weight and the house's 3,623-square-foot space.

Surface Developments doesn't list the home's price on its site, but if you have to ask, well, you know the drill.

The offer of a free F-Type with purchase of the home is a limited-time deal (though it's not clear how limited), so if you're interested in some swanky Canadian digs with a ride to match, you'd better act quickly.

To celebrate the deal, you could buy the world's most expensive vodka, and get the world's most tasteless SUV for free, too. Just be sure to park it around back.