Infiniti is reasonably excited to start pushing out its all-new 2014 Q50 sedan. Well, sort of excited, since the automaker is still going to offer the G37 sedan alongside it for a bit. Regardless, the newer car represents the design direction that Infiniti production cars will take, and it's a rather stylish direction. So stylish, in fact, that it's caught the eye of two top notch designers who decided to create their own editions.

Thom Browne and Zac Posen, both extremely well know creators of fine clothing and accessories, have lent their respective eyes for style to the Q50. Browne decided on a fairly flashy chrome-like look for the exterior of his car, while the inside bears his trademark red, white, and blue striping. There are also sterling silver elements in the cabin to add deeper accentuation. In the trunk, Browne created a luggage set to match the rest of the car.

2014 Infiniti Q50 by Thome Brown

2014 Infiniti Q50 by Thome Brown

Posen went in a different direction. His Q50 starts out wearing a light matte silver color that fades to a darker, glossy grey out back. Inside, velvet and leather surfaces join up with the thick red carpeting to create an up-scale feel. This car matches Posen's style rather well, and it's our favorite of the pair.

Infiniti and the designers will offer these custom cars for sale on, which is a shopping website that offers high-end items for more reasonable prices. We don't know what that means for the price of each car, as we suspect the window stickers will be a touch over the standard MSRP. Whoever buys one of the cars, however, will get a $10,000 sales credit with Gilt plus a personal style consultation.

The sale starts December 12th, at 12am EST, and you can check it out at


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