There's some funky name calling going on over at Infiniti, and it's all related to the G37 that's supposed to be yielding to the Q50. That's not how this is going down, however, as we told you earlier. Rumor had it that Infiniti planned to sell the G37 alongside the all-new Q50 in its showrooms for a bit. Now comes official word that dealerships will hold on to the G37 through the 2015 model year.

Pricing of the G37 has been updated for 2013 to reflect this tactical change. Initially, the Q50 was going to arrive with a slightly lower price tag compared to the remaining G37 sedans. Now, however, the revised pricing of the G37 sees its base price lowered to $33,455 for the Journey and $35,055 for the all-wheel-drive version. A new Q50 will cost you $37,605 for the 3.7-liter-equipped model while the Q50 Hybrid Premium starts at $44,855. All prices shown include the $905 charge for destination and handling.

It's an interesting strategy, and we're curious what the dealers and sales folks think of the move. On one hand, it's a bummer to have the older metal sitting on the lot but it might be a nice tool to show customers what is now available. For a few grand more, you certainly get a lot more style. Not to mention the upgraded interior and new features. This will certainly be interesting to watch how sales breaks down over the next few months. 

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