There's no doubt Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has built a high-performance luxury sedan in the Model S. As a bonus, it's all-electric. Future Tesla vehicles may be even more finely tuned, however, as the company has just bought a 35-acre test track facility next door to its Fremont, California factory.

The 35-acre plot contains more than half of a road test track built by GM and Toyota during NUMMI's tenure, reports the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The purchase price of the land and track hasn't been disclosed.

Located next to the former NUMMI factory, itself nestled amidst the densely populated San Francisco-San Jose megalopolis, 35 acres with existing test facilities will not have been cheap.

Tesla bought the land from Union Pacific. It's the last of the land south of the factory once owned by UP, except for a 22-acre tract adjacent to the factory purchased by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. in 2012.

Mid-term future production plans for Tesla include the Model X crossover and a "Generation 3" platform to spawn both a sedan and a crossover.