Fresh from its dominating run at the recent Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where it ran a time of just 8:13.878, totally obliterating the previous record of 9:46.181, Peugeot’s highly-modified 208 T16 rally car is now on its way to the grounds of Goodwood House in the U.K. for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Its star driver Sébastien Loeb won’t be in tow but the car will be driven up the famous Goodwood hill climb during the festival days nonetheless. It will also be joined by Peugeot’s RCZ R sports car and striking Onyx supercar concept.

The special 208 driven by Loeb, which has been nicknamed the ‘King of the Peak,’ boasts a power output of 875 horsepower. Incredibly, each of those horses has just one kilogram of weight to carry, which equates to a combined weight of approximately 1,929 pounds.

Add all-wheel drive and you’re looking at 0-60 mph acceleration in just 1.8 seconds. By seven seconds, the car is already screaming past 150 mph.

You can get a glimpse as to how that feels from behind the wheel thanks to this onboard footage showing Loeb’s epic run up Pikes Peak last Sunday.

For the rest of the juicy specs on the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, click here, and for our complete coverage on the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which this year runs from July 11-14, click here.


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