Hyundai is keen on venturing more deeply into the vast sea of motorsports. To help out on that end, the automaker has just opened the doors to a brand-new motorsports facility located in Germany. This will be an important location for the efforts of Hyundai Motorsports as they look to take on the WRC with their new i20 racecar.

The motorsports group will work from this headquarters, which is located in the German town of Alzenau. This location is ideal as it puts the facility within easy driving distance of both the European Technical and Design Center and the headquarters of Hyundai Motor Europe. On top of that, the automaker is busy building its Nürburgring-based testing facility.

This new location will house the team of WRC specialists. It will also offer up nearly 90,000 square feet of space inside its walls. That sounds like enough room to build a car that will take on some of the most grueling stages in the world.

Still, the team will have their hands full with this new car. It takes many hours of punishing effort to produce a vehicle that's up to the task of running a WRC event. We're eager to learn more about both the i20 racecar and the team behind it as it travels from idea to competitor.


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