The Gran Turismo racing game series first launched on December 23rd, back in 1997. That was a top-flight release for the original Playstation gaming system. Fast forward 16 years and we're now on the verge of the fourth Playstation console and a brand-new Gran Turismo game. Gran Turismo 6 should naturally prove to be the finest iteration of a rather wonderful racing simulator, and there's plenty of buzz around the game since E3 has come and gone.

Sure you can watch fancy concept movies of the game, but the real action comes from actual gameplay footage. The folks at GTPlanet made sure to grab just that to share with the world. They've put a bunch of gameplay footage up on YouTube, and the videos look pretty great. Since it's a recording from a television, we can only imagine how much better it will look in person as well.

Gran Turismo 6 should be an improvement over GT5. There are new physics, tire, and aerodynamics models being employed, which should increase the realism. Additionally, the developers have promised that over 1,200 vehicles will be available right from the get go. A plethora of new tracks have been added, including Silverstone and Willow Springs. On top of all that, the game will be available for the PS3 starting this holiday season. You won't need to rush out and get the PS4.

Dust off the racing wheel, put your email into Out of Office, and give in to the fact that your winter season will be spent hibernating with GT6.


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