Do you like coach-built machines? How about rare bits of automotive history?

Have we got the car for you then. It's called the Bentley Continental GTZ, and the Z stands for Zagato.

That would be Milanese design house Zagato, which transformed a 2006 Bentley Continental GT into the car you see above. The transformation was done in 2009 where the car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and it lends a different take on the lines originally sculpted by Bentley's crew from Crewe.

Under the hood you'll find the familiar W-12 engine, which pushes out 600 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. Zagato didn't touch the engine, but the craftsmen there set to work on both the exterior and interior of this coupe.

Hand-formed aluminum bits can be found on the outside of the car, while an upgraded canvas of leather has been utilized in the cabin. Apparently, a TV Tuner was also installed so you'll have something to occupy the time of your passenger as you ferry them from the private airport to the private dock to the yacht.

The car is currently for sale on JamesList, but the price hasn't been disclosed. Since there are only nine examples in the entire world, we're guessing it's a bit more than your average Bentley Continental GT. Still, it's rare and it comes from a house that's made a significant mark on the automotive history. These would make an interesting talking point for any collector's garage.


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