Rolls-Royce builds cars that are just as much about the experience of purchasing them as they are driving them. To that end, the luxury automaker has built its first boutique shopping location, and it's located in the ultra high-end Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is a new way for Rolls-Royce to interact with its customers, and it should provide an even more bespoke shopping experience than the "average" dealership can provide.

The goal of this Bangkok boutique is to allow customers to see, touch, smell, and feel the plethora of optional extras they can choose from. Be it the many shades of soft leather or the seemingly endless array of exterior and interior color choices and combinations. How many colors you ask? Why about 44,000 or so are available.

In addition to the bespoke buying program, shoppers will also have access to the various items sold as part of the Rolls-Royce lifestyle catalog. This could be everything from Spirit of Ecstasy cufflinks to silk ties and scarves and on up to items with price points probably rivaling the cost of the cars themselves.

Rolls-Royce is using this boutique, along with its additional standalone Bangkok dealership, to make serious inroads into the massively emerging market that is Asia. Exotic and luxury machines are being snatched up there at an ever-quickening rate, and it makes perfect sense for Rolls-Royce to grab a foothold early on.


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