Pininfarina was founded in 1930, and from that date forward the automotive industry was a far more stylish place. Yes, the Italian design house is responsible for many of the great pieces of eye candy that have graced the globe.

Now you can capture a piece of that design. No, not by purchasing a vehicle, although if you have the means we say full speed ahead. Art House Kollecticum is offering prints of Pininfarina machines in a variety of sizes, and you just know it would help class up that joint you call your office.

A little bit of everything is here, from the Maserati Birdcage to the Cistalia 202GT seen above.

Head over to the page for yourself to take it all in, because the cars look great even in the small image thumbnails. Prices seem to range from about $64 on up to a piece that can be had for a bit over $1,400. That low-end pricing is a bargain for the chance to stare at a Pininfarina design all day.

The smallest sizes are around 12 inches by 15 inches, while the larger pieces can be closer to 24 inches by 35 inches. If you want the work framed, be prepared to double the cost.


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